Donnie Shaffer

Donnie Shaffer headshot

Donnie Shaffer has been a resident of Sebring for over 25 years. Prior to moving to Sebring, Donnie lived in Nashville and played in a band at the Grand Ole Opry and every bar on “Music Row”. He loves Country music, plays guitar, and sings Country music.

In case you’re wondering, that’s where Donnie “honed” his Southern accent!

For the past twelve years, Donnie has been married to Sherrie, the girl of his dreams. Together they have three children and six grandchildren and he enjoys spending as much time as he can with them; a real family man.

Donnie is an animal advocate and a lover of all living things. Currently, he has five dogs, four bunnies, and one bird.

When Donnie is not “on the air”, his other passion is his brick and block construction company.

You can hear Donnie’s passion for Country music when you’re listening to the best Country … OJ 99.1!!!